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No longer offered at this time. Connie is providing private therapy in Atlanta, Georgia and via teleconference where permitted.



     Connie is currently offering individual sessions in various service models. The most popular and effective is a private one on one intensive session over 2-3 days, 6-7 hours per day with a break for lunch. Video taping and production of a digital video can be included for additional cost and is very helpful. The goal is to utilize computer analysis of the voice, and assessment of posture, breathing, voice focus, resonance and flow. Any area of dysfunction is identified and worked on intensively using a varitey of techniques. Connie can provide hands on work such as laryngeal massage, and demonstration of release of tension in the body that inhibits voice production. Pitch analysis is included and optimum pitch range identified. Practice is assisted by computer analysis and adjustments made of any sub-system of voice production in order to access and re-pattern the voice to a more functional modality. An individualized program is developed based on each patient's presentation and dysfunctions. A very important aspect of therapy with Connie is from her own experience with SD. As a holistic program, examination of psychological aspects, emotional impact and expectation of outcome is crucial. One will leave with a clear program of exercises and strategies to utilize neuroplasticity to establish easier and clearer voicing. If life-style changes are necessary to facilitate healing of the voice, those will be made clear. 


    For those living in the Atlanta area, sessions of one hour or slightly longer over a period of time might be more reasonable, and more likely to be reimbursed fully by insurance plans. Connie has had patients visit every 3-4 months over several years to recover their voice. What works is the program model, as long as one will comply to the required exercises and strategies. It can easily accomodate ones schedule and personal needs.


     Regarding use of botulinum toxin injections for SD management, Connie fully supports this as a viable choice of treatment although she did learn to manage the condition without injections. If one is seeking to utilize a holistic program, it is in their best interest to see Connie once the injections have worn off, and then to utilize the exercises and strategies as it is wearing off again. Connie has found that people who want to utilize voice rehabilitation during the maximum positive effect of botox do not do well. Everything is easy and the muscles are in a state of paresis, so do not function the same as when they are not using botox. If botox is working well, Connie would prefer that patients continue with that treatment. If there are problems or complications or someone prefers to try alternatives, it should be done when the botox is minimally or not affecting voice production. Please contact Connie to discuss (via email) if you have questions about this. 




     For those who are unable to travel to Atlanta, Connie offers teleconference services utilizing FaceTime or Zoom or whatever platform offers confidentiality. This has to be determined on a state by state basis as some states prohibit it or require licensure and Connie is not licensed in all states. If you wish to work with Connie through teleconferencing, please contace her (via email) to discuss your options. Sessions are typically one hour in length and the cost is the same in person. There are no minimum number of hours required. It has worked well with many patients, but does lack the hands on body work available to private clients. 







    Connie's services as a certified, licensed speech and language pathologist are often covered under voice evaluation, or speech therapy. Itemized estimates or invoices will be provided with proper coding for insurance submission for reimbursement.


  Connie is not enrolled in the Medicare program in Georgia and cannot treat Medicare patients. Unfortunately, opting out of Medicare is not an option, so Medicare enrolled clients cannot be billed privately on a cash basis. Apologies for this issue but without a business office, the burden of billing Medicare would be too great.  




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  • See Testimonials page for more information about the clinics by attendees.

  • Go to the Schedule and Registration icon above to check dates and register.

  •  Check, direct bank transfer or Paypal accepted (all credit cards can be processed via Paypal). 

  • Itemized insurance receipts provided for possible reimbursement must be requested from individual therapists.

 We Also Provide

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