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    Breathing is a critical component in speaking and singing. Air must move efficiently through the vocal cords for sound production and projection.


    Some of the issues addressed related to enhanced breathing are:


  • The importance of breath for health and life itself.

  • How a common seatbelt strap can activate a whole new realm of breath potential.

  • The importance of breath for becoming Free To Speak.

  • How a forward head position can create tension and restrict air flow.

  • What part of the breath cycle to add voice sounds.

  • How an exercise ball can become a fun tool for posture and breathing.

  • How various breathing patterns either create or reduce stress and tension.

  • How to avoid common mistakes people make while trying to breathe correctly.

  • Exercises to use or to avoid when breathing for better voice production.

  • Posture that restricts or enhances breathing.

  • The difference in the body with chest or diaphragmatic breathing.

  • Designing various breathing techniques and strategies for varied outcomes.

  • How breath allows influence of the sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous system.

  • Tools to use or avoid when training your breath for efficient voice production.


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