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      It is with a bit of resistance that I have let go of the clinics. From August 2005 until May 2016, clinics were held at my home office in Florida with a fantastic team of professionals who provided psychosocial assessment, neuolinguistic programming, and body work including massage, postural training, tai chi and yoga. I provided individual and group trainings specific to voice rehabilitation as well as administration of the clinic. When my husband presented me with the need to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia, I dug my heels in primarily because I did not want to give up the clinics. As fate would have it, a year went by before we sold our home and moved. I could not hold clinics during that time due to uncertainly of showings and when the sale would take place. I shifted my practice to private therapy, and while the comraderie of the groups was not there, and the multi-disciplinary approach, I found that in private consultations, I could provide more of what I do in that extra time and develop more intimacy and intuitiveness with my clients. Even without the groups, therapy could still be fun, and my clients became friends in the process of respect and explorations around the potential for each voice. Many people gave feedback after their group experience that they would have liked more time with me individually. That was impossible given there was one of me and up to six of them.  My private clients are assured that every hour they pay for is 1:1 with me, so a lot can be accomplished in a shorter time frame.


       As I move forward in this manner, I can look back and be glad the clinics happened without being sad because they are over.  For those who participated, I think they will always remember being seen and heard for their true authentic selves as they could set the voice issues aside and feel safe with others who knew what it felt like to have a broken voice. I, too, know what it feels like to have a broken voice and to be judged because of that. I know the struggle, and it is my experience that brings the understanding and compassion so needed by those trying to recover their voices.  My passion did not end when the clinics ended, and I am dedicated to helping all who seek my assistance on their journey.



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