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    Dennis has studied nutritional biochemistry, has an associate degree in emergency medicine, and is a licensed neuromuscular therapist and Corrective Exercise Specialist. He is also certified in Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and has worked with Tony Robbins as a trainer in developmental skills and motivation. He is a personal coach and consultant.


    Dennis offers several services, first and primary category is breathing. Coaching on the principles and technique of ideal breathing and then conditioning proper breathing practices allows for improved voice production. Second is understanding the principles of posture in relation to breathing and neuromuscular therapy to release the tight tissues that cause dysfunctional posture and restrict ideal breathing. Very specific treatment of neck muscles is one unique aspect of this therapy. The third aspect that is highly valuable for many SD patients is stress management /stress relief. Stress and anxiety impact your wellbeing directly, and also create additional tension which always inhibits one from being free to speak. Dennis utilizes tools from hypnosis, NLP, and advanced mental imagery to customize strategies that enable patients to take back control of their life and their voice.


    Dennis also provides private consultations and therapy at his office in Hendersonville, North Carolina


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