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October 2006 Spasmodic Dysphonia Treatment Clinic


The October clinic in Maggie Valley, NC was attended by five SDers from various states in the US. Despite the fact that both Mike and Connie were stricken with laryngitis, we managed through to significant improvements in all voices, including our own! We were able to watch as the fall colors began to emerge and celebrate the emerging voices as well. As usual, the group dynamics and support were priceless.


Margaret (AD/SD, MTD) 1+ years:


This clinic was absolutely a wonderful experience, not only for working on the voice, but the whole person. The bodywork was phenomenal and it was amazing to see what just a few adjustments to the body could do for the voice. SD is most definitely a disorder that goes beyond the voice mechanism and needs to be treated in a holistic manner. This clinic provides just that in a warm and comfortable environment. It was evident that Connie and Mike truly care that each one of us succeeds. I leave with the knowledge that this is definitely curable and with the tools and techniques to completely recover my voice. My voice improved significantly in 4 days.


Lorelei (AD/SD, MTD) 2+ years:


Attending the clinic is the best thing that I have done for myself since I have had this voice problem. Just being with people that have the same issue and witnessing the improvement in a short time is truly encouraging. I hope that information about the clinic will reach everyone that develops SD or MTD, especially prior to meeting the (wrong) doctor.


Marsha (AD/SD) 2+ years:


This clinic with Connie, Mike and Robbie effectively touched my mind, body and soul. With compassion, tenderness and expertise, Connie and Mike guided me to get in touch with myself by teaching me tools and exercises to continue my journey to wholeness and restoring my voice. When I return home, I plan to share what I have learned to help and support others with SD.


Jim (AD/SD) 2 years:


The personal attention and individual approach to treatment provided an ideal setting for every participant to acquire a specific strategy for a complete cure. I personally experienced improvement during the four days of the clinic and am confident I will now have a complete recovery from the debilitating effects of SD.


KR (AD/SD) 3 years:


I truly appreciate Connie's approach to treating the whole person and not just the voice. I learned so much about myself and my potential. The group sessions were a wonderful way to connect, and gave all of us a chance to hear what the others needed as encouragement. The private sessions were great to identify the specific things we needed to work on. We were given great resources (books, CD, DVDs) to use during and after the clinic. This has been a wonderful experience and I am blessed to have Connie and Mike in my life.

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