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were offered from August 2005-May 2016, until an impending relocation to Atlanta resulted in switching the model to private therapy. It is unlikely that clinics as they are described here will be available in the future, but Connie is devoted to providing her skills to those seeking to be free to speak in a different venue.

Holistic Voice Rehabilitation Clinics for SD



Current model of therapy

Connie has a home office located in the quaint neighborhood of Oakhurst near downtown Atlanta. The address is 155 Jefferson Place, Decatur, GA 30030.  All therapy is private and individualized, delivered with compassion and caring. Patients visit from all over the world and most will improve with the holistic model of voice rehabilitation. The goal of the therapy program is to educate each person on the specific aspects of their voice disorder using a playful and exploratory approach. We find ways to establish a new groove for their voice, so it is produced with more ease and confidence. Psychosocial  aspects of voice disorders are important to the development of acceptance in the process. Patients leave with many strategies to use in the future to continue to achieve success. 

Many patients who seek therapy are unable to travel to the office, and often teleconference is a viable service model. During the pandemic, all therapy was provided in this manner and I am thankful for the technology.

Time has provided insight into the required number of hours to make a significant change, but it also varies from person to person. A program of a minimum of 12 hours up to 20 is common. This is done privately in 2-4 days or over months via teleconference once a week or every few weeks. 

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