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April 2010 Spasmodic Dysphonia Treatment Clinic


We had an intimate group for the April clinic. Our Hawaiian friend had a medical emergency, and will join us for our next clinic. The atmosphere was slower paced with more individual attention available for the three and they bonded wonderfully. All expressed satisfaction with their experience at the clinic and experienced significant improvement.


Jim: SD, 20 years with history of gastric reflux


Lost voice while preaching in 1990, and had to resign after a year. Speech therapy 8 months in 1990-1991 did not result in improvement, and 2 Botox treatments in 1991-92 (with continued speech therapy) yielded no improvement. Reported managing the problem using intense muscle control but felt he had forgotten how to speak properly after prolonged “tinkering” with his voice. He also lost his ability to sing. No medications except for hypothyroidism. Had explored chiropractic adjustments for back pain but it did not help his voice.


On his evaluation, under diagnosis, Jim put “HEALED”. He stated that he was leaving with the confidence that his SD is conquered. He regained the ease of speaking and singing lost 20 years ago. He experienced increased ease in breathing as well. Jim stated that he needed some time to think over his complete testimonial and would supply it at a later date. He offered to speak with anyone wanting more information about the program.


RK: AB/SD approximately 2 years, occurring suddenly after a bout of laryngitis and several years of stress. She saw Dr. Blitzer in New York City, who did not recommend Botox for AB/SD. She was offered medication by her neurologist, but chose Chinese herbs and nutritional support instead.


“My voice improved 80% at the clinic. I am able to speak with much more ease and sometimes with a normal voice. I have more space and relaxation, energy and ease in my breathing.


I highly recommend attending this clinic. I received a wide variety of tools, as well as information that created a holistic approach. I felt that throughout the clinic I was given everything I needed to reclaim my voice. I also felt that there was no pressure and no boredom. Everything was engaging, clearly presented and clearly directed. I enjoyed participating; felt supported and received excellent professional coaching.


Luann: AD/SD with tremor


Luann says of the clinic:


“I experienced deeper breathing and relaxation and humming that helped me to better feel how to initiate voice and maintain that through my thoughts. I feel as if I never did breathe right, so full deep breaths and relaxed stomach muscles was freeing. This clinic is not “Speech Therapy”. This is voice rehabilitation and lifestyle change. For those with SD, like me, who have been through all the various voice therapy attempts and have not have success, you will find this clinic to be refreshingly different. Connie, Mike and the team work on many dimensions, which take away the hyper-focus off the “defective voice”. The breathing and voicing techniques they teach bring back a sense of control that I have not felt in 30 years. I am leaving knowing that while I may not ever have a velvet voice, I will have a voice that will allow me to be “free to speak” and that is a tremendous gift.” Perceived improvement of voice was 50%..

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