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January 2007 Spasmodic Dysphonia Treatment Clinic


We all decided that Florida is THE PLACE to be in January as we watched the rest of the country ice over. We had six wonderful participants from as close as South Florida and as far as Sydney, Australia. The clinic experience seems to get better each time as Mike and I expand our model and incorporate more of the mind-body experience in healing the voice. The weather was too perfect not to take the boat out for our Sunday morning devotions. Kudos to Bob Pike for making that happen!


Testimonials from January:


Michelle - AB/SD 3 years


My experience at the clinic wasn't just about my voice. It was about all of me. The knowledge that was instilled into me will help me heal all of me, including my voice. Four of the most worthwhile days of my life. Voice improved 80-90%.


Karen - AD/SD 6 years, s/p Type II thyroplasty 2004


The Intensive Voice Clinic is intensive in many ways, not least in the sense of acceptance of where you are in your healing process and who you are as a person. It is a time for letting go of any heaviness of body and spirit and accumulated feelings, and a time for discovering and experiencing your free, easy and resonant voice.


Mike and Connie serve as guides, coaches, and inspirations. They have each traveled a path of healing and recovery, and their personal experience is enhanced by the incredible tools and skills they share as professionals and experts in their fields.


They are like midwives, helping to bring to birth new hope and a future for persons with SD. Sometimes the births/breakthroughs are dramatic; sometimes there are glimmers of the new voice or a new feeling of ease in voicing. It all helps to get us into a new groove and gives us a new normal to visualize and work toward.


I leave the clinic knowing what I need to do to recover fully. And I leave having made new friends and with renewed hope and joy. Voice improved 50%.


Lorraine - AD/SD with tremor - 2 years; canceled RLN surgery scheduled July 2006


There is another way to handle SD other than surgery or Botox injections. Voice therapy is the positive approach. Voice improved 95%


Carl - AD/SD 7 years


This clinic not only provided me with the tools, support and hope that I needed, but it also gave me valuable insights into my overall well-being. Thank You! Voice improved 50%.


BT - AD/SD 6 years


The clinic provides a comprehensive evaluation of mind, body and spirit. A safe environment to explore and reveal the ability to regain the use of the voice. Meeting and working with a group of individuals who share a common purpose - to heal the mind, body and spirit. Voice improved 95%.


CS - AD/SD with tremor- 3 years


All of the techniques at the clinic are very beneficial, including the audio/visual techniques. "The Secret" was very inspirational. My pitch is higher and I have stronger resonance. I am more relaxed and able to speak without Botox. I realized I can have control of my voice by lifting my pitch and letting my voice flow smoothly.

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