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January 2008 Spasmodic Dysphonia Treatment Clinic


Apollo Beach, Florida - January 2008 Clinic


We had an intimate group for the first of the New Year. It was a great opportunity both to jump start our new expanded program in full, as well as to welcome back a previous participant for a second time around. We realized that a repeat of the program is not a failure and that there are reasons our clients might want or need to come back for a “refresher”. Leslie helped us to define some of those situations. She had attended the first clinic at maximum benefit from a botox injection, and had returned to small doses after the clinic, which had worked well for her. Leslie wanted to continue her voice rehabilitation program, and had suggested a “refresher course” once the botox had worn off. We are open to continuing to expand, clarify and commit to whatever is needed to overcome SD! This can certainly include those who receive benefit from botulinum toxin injections in conjunction with voice rehabilitation, with the goal of maximizing functional control of the voice and re-programming of voice production.


JD – AD/SD 4 years – botulinum toxin injections regularly 3 years with voice therapy.


“Connie and Mike generously shared their knowledge of skills and attitudes shown to improve our SD voices – all in a relaxing, positive and compassionate group setting. Voice production improved 50% at the clinic.”


Jared – Hyperfunctional Voice/ AD/SD– 2 years; traditional voice therapy 6 months.


“With SD, you get overwhelmed with all kinds of information. What I have discovered is that a majority of the information is incorrect or misguided. Connie’s clinic helped me put some perspective around SD; what it is, and what can be done to counteract it. I just needed guidance and a plan. Most of all, she and Mike provided the biggest thing we all need – which is HOPE. When all of our renowned, well-schooled doctors and therapists tell us it won't get any better or to look into temporary relief, Connie and Mike provide help and hope for a permanent solution. Not everyone is the same, and that is difficult with SD – some programs and exercises work for one person and totally different programs/exercises work for another. There is no magic pill, no quick fix; but over time, with devotion, faith and dedication, many people have overcome this sometimes paralyzing disorder. To those who have SD; empower yourself with the right information and attend this clinic. Give yourself a chance. To those who have overcome SD, I look forward to joining you in the months ahead!”


Leslie – AD/SD 7 ½ years – botulinum toxin injections; traditional voice therapy.


“I would really encourage anyone to take the clinic the first time and even a second if needed. Both Mike and Connie have quite a depth of resources to help, and are more than willing to help you adjust your particular remedy for the specific problem. They are great at diagnosing each one’s particular problem, which is unusual with SD. Other healthcare professionals tend to deal in a more generalized manner with SD. It was a great experience.”

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