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July 5-9, 2007 Spasmodic Dysphonia Treatment Clinic


Scott: - Mixed SD 4 years (2 botox injections, 1 week DVR, voice therapy)


“I think that learning or realizing that my breathing is forced and not relaxed is my biggest insight/discovery. I feel like once I learn to constantly relax my abdominals during speech, the throat and larynx will follow. It is going to take time for me to re-groove my breathing and release tensions. Once I do, I feel my voice will be effortless. I felt the clinic was a true overall mind/body/voice clinic, which is what it should be to be effective.”


Lisa – AD/SD 24 years (approximately 98 botox injections, SLAD/R (failed), s/p silastic thyroplasty 3 years prior)


Lisa was finding less and less relief from her botox injections and had switched to myobloc as Botox lost it’s effectiveness. She had purchased Connie’s book and had been practicing the exercises for several months prior to the clinic. She felt the clinic experience resulted in a 50% improvement in her voice.


“I wish I had known about this approach before any surgeries. I don’t have to be fearful and my voice is not as much of a handicap as I think. Connie and Mike have designed a thorough, holistic approach to overcoming SD. Connie is an inspiration to anyone who wants to improve their voice. She knows exactly how you feel and what you are going through. Mike is a brilliant breathing coach who can teach lifelong good habits for overall health as well as improving voice. Every aspect of my life was affected by SD, and Connie knew that and brought in expertise from different fields. They used singing to getting over the fear of videotaping and recording the voice, used a computer program to assist in achieving goals. You can feel the passion they have to help others in all they do. They have thought of everything, including a counselor to help change negative thought processes that keep you disabled and a massage therapist to help relax muscles. I felt comfortable and did not ever want to leave Connie’s home and family. We even had a karaoke party with her family signing backup with us. I’ll never forget the love I felt. This experience has changed my life forever for the better.”


Ruth – AD/SD with intermittent symptoms for 3 years, but diagnosed 3 months ago


“This clinic has been extremely helpful. I have gained new insight into my abilities and feel that I can let go of the fear. I feel that I have been given the tools to regain my voice and with hard work on my part, I expect that to happen. Mike and Connie’s coaching were invaluable in giving me support to let go of my anxiety and find my voice. I’d highly recommend the clinic to anyone with SD.”


Jann – AD/SD 1 ½ years


“The clinic is phenomenal. Every aspect of SD seems to have been addressed. Just to be aware of the many ways we can help ourselves by using all the tools provided at the clinic gives so much hope. We all have been so excited and encouraged by our progress. Both Connie and Mike have tremendous knowledge in their areas of expertise and they zero in on each person’s individual needs. This holistic approach makes total sense – the body will heal when given the chance. Connie is proof. She has been there and has a great sense of understanding of all aspects of SD. The support and connection with the others has been wonderful and a very important part of the experience. We have had joyful times to relax around each other and just be ourselves and connect from a comfortable place within. It is an empowering, well-rounded program.”


Jeroen – AD/SD 1 ½ years


Jeroen came over from Holland, and we enjoyed his colorful clothing and hearing him belt out Elvis tunes on Karaoke night! His Dutch specialist told him he had classic SD and that therapy would not work.


“If you want to get rid of SD, if you want to be free and you want to work with it, then this is the best way to start your road. These people find the key to unlock the door and they want you to succeed. I would recommend the clinic because you get FAITH! You will see, hear and experience results. Forget about what the doctors tell you. They don’t know what is possible. You are given a choice, and choice means freedom. You don’t have to be dependent on expensive drugs the rest of your life. You are given tools to work with your body and voice. You have to do the work. Don’t come if you want a quick fix. You will receive support from your trainers and from your friends in the group. When you get home after the clinic, they are still here for you. If you overcome this voice inconvenience, you will have so much more power in your life, and you can make a difference to other SD people who are now in the dark. You can make your own miracle. Nothing is incurable except death.”


Ron – AD/SD 1 year (2 botox injections)


Ron had a long history of episodic spasmodic torticollis since 1988. He had been successful in managing it with physical therapy and biofeedback so thought the clinic would be a good option when he was diagnosed with SD. We were all amazed at Ron’s singing voice and the awesome resonant sound that would come and go in his speaking voice. Getting control seemed elusive, but overall, Ron felt his voice improved 25%.


“This clinic was an amazing experience. The instructors were dynamic, engaging, and very attentive to individual needs. I had a productive and wonderful time interacting with others with the same condition.”

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