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July 2009 Spasmodic Dysphonia Treatment Clinic


JM: AD/SD 8 months:  no prior treatment.

My voice improved 80%. I changed my breathing  to belly breathing and found my pitch and focus in the mask. I had fuller breathing and better pitch. The expertise was exceptional. Connie and Mike provided the tools to help me “find” my voice and maintain it. The other attendees were absolutely necessary for encouragement and support. One has to have the will to improve, to get better, to have control of one’s voice. The tools are here – use them!


Johnna – AB/SD 4 years: Botox injections Fall 2007 until 2008; some worked but most did not, voice therapy, acupuncture, herbal treatments.

When I came to the clinic, I was only whispering. Now I’m not whispering and my voice has more resonance. My breathing and voice were not working together. I had no breath for speech. I would almost hyperventilate. I would recommend Connie’s clinic to anyone with a voice problem. I was at the point of no hope with SD and Connie, Mike and the other clients gave me the encouragement and belief in myself that I could regain my voice. Connie and Mike gave me the tools I will need to complete my journey back to a wonderful voice.


Tom –AD/SD 2 ½ years: voice therapy.

My voice improved 70% at the clinic. I learned to practice belly breathing and how my physical posture was affecting my voice. Connie’s personal experience with the SD condition provided immediate empathy for the experiences I had. Her gentle guidance through the clinic experience was a perfect balance for the strong and persistent dedication of Mike White, a living example of proper breathing.


Betty – AD/SD & MTD almost 2  years: previously recovered her voice at the end of the September 2008 clinic but slowly lost it to a whisper.

On Saturday of the clinic, I saw the light and felt the shift. My voice fluctuated from 20% to 80% improved over the week. I left the clinic with a fully functioning voice in September 2008. I was overjoyed and thought I was “cured”. When SD crept back into my life later in the year I PANICKED. I had forgotten the tools I learned at the clinic and lost touch with my core. I even forgot that my voice was still inside me…. I was struggling. I don’t think that Connie and Mike have many people return, but that is what I decided to do. Connie helped me realize and accept the probability that SD will perhaps always be in the background for me, but I don’t have to let it take over. Mike helped me get in touch with my core again…stay grounded. I have given myself permission to speak freely once again. Thank you, Connie and Mike and the wonderful supportive group this five days of the clinic!

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