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July 26 - 30, 2007 Spasmodic Dysphonia Treatment Clinic


Esther – MTD 8 years, s/p medialization of vocal folds, vocal fold paresis, traditional voice therapy.


“I feel so blessed to be able to come to this clinic. I have been struggling with muscle tension dysphonia for 8 years and this clinic has really helped me recover in various ways. I experienced significant changes not only in my voice, but also in my whole being; mind, body and spirit. I still have work ahead but now I finally feel I have the tools needed to end my journey with MTD. Voice improved 75% during the clinic.

Debra – AD/SD 15 months


“This voice rehabilitation clinic was so well organized and it gave me the hope and “encouragement to overcome my SD. I was told by an ENT doctor that my voice disorder was incurable and that the only form of treatment for me was botox injections into my vocal cords every three months for the rest of my life.


After researching for a more holistic approach to this disorder, I found myself enrolled in Connie’s clinic. I can’t thank Connie and Mike enough for their knowledge, determination, professionalism, and overall attitude that a person with SD can, in fact, overcome this disorder with the proper guidance, support, faith, and techniques of voice and breathing needed to find your natural voice. I knew I was determined to overcome this disorder, but I never expected to find my voice again so soon. Thanks to Connie and Mike for giving me back the hope that was taken away from me by my ENT doctor, to regain my voice at your clinic, and having me focus on what I needed to “free my voice. Compared to three months before the clinic, when I could barely speak at all, my voice has improved 100%. I now have a clear, effortless voice.”


Peter – AD/SD 15 years – botulinum toxin injections twice yearly (Dysport) for 11 years


Peter is on staff with the Dystonia Society of Scotland and had read Connie’s book and heard her speak at the Dystonia Society of London in May of this year. Peter had learned a variety of “tricks” to help him through the times he was unable to have injections. He was allowed only two shots per year, so the time in between could be difficult. He plans to submit an article on this approach and his success to the U.K. Dystonia Society magazine.


“I have lived with Spasmodic Dysphonia/laryngeal dystonia for over 15 years. I was optimistic that the clinic could help me, but apprehensive too. I have been greatly impressed by Connie Pike and Mike White both by their professionalism and their sensitivity. The programme has dealt with general principles needed for recovery of SD/LD but has also been tailored to deal with my individual symptoms and to create a recovery programme specifically for me. There has been a significant improvement in the quality of my voice and I am hopeful that this improvement will be sustained and improved. I have no hesitation in recommending the clinic to anyone who is seeking either an alternative to botulinum toxin therapy or a complementary therapy to it. Voice improved 75% and breathing became freer and fuller as a result of the clinic.”


Toni – AD/SD diagnosed 3 years but with symptoms the past 30 years. 4 weeks DVR January 2007.


“I learned so much from both Connie and Mike during the clinic that I can’t begin to thank them. The opportunity to work with a skilled speech pathologist with many years of understanding the dynamics of SD should not be missed. Connie has walked in our shoes and shares with love her insights on what must be done to overcome it. Her understanding of the mechanics of voice production guided me towards rediscovering my lost voice. With Michael, I finally found someone who could teach me to breathe properly, which is one thing SD sufferers do not know how to do. That will be the foundation of my recovery. A magnificent, inventive man, he treats each client’s problems with unique solutions. He will not give up or allow you to give up. Both he and Connie are sensitive, caring people who rejoice in our successes as much as we do, and when the emotions of this devastating condition become too much, they are there to gently hold you while you cry. I feel that I finally have the tools, exercises and knowledge needed to overcome SD. It will take time and some life-style changes but I know now I can get my life back. The professional psychologist helped us deal with the psychological component – a major “ah-ha” moment for me.”


Rebecca – Mixed SD 3 years, traditional voice therapy, ZHT


“When I arrived at the clinic, I spoke just one or two words at a time and that was difficult, exhausting, and hard for others to understand. I have more work ahead to really integrate what I’ve learned, but today I am speaking full sentences in a mostly clear voice. It’s so much fun to talk again. I especially appreciate Connie and Mike’s holistic approach and the care and empathy they’ve given each of us. Their technical expertise and knowledge is superb. They know what they’re doing and their confidence gave me confidence in myself. The group setting and the total immersion helped make this clinic successful. I felt so much support from the other participants and we had a lot of fun together. Voice improved 40% and my whole body feels more open and larger with regards to breathing.”


EM – AD/SD 3 years


“50% voice improvement, deeper and longer, less intentional breathing patterns, discovered the ability to speak clearly and project the voice.” Complete testimonial to follow.

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