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June 2006 Spasmodic Dysphonia Treatment Clinic


June 7-11, Apollo Beach, Florida.


We had an incredibly exciting mix of individuals for this clinic, including several attorneys, a singer/song writer,  and a speech pathology major. The group solidified and provided excellent support and encouragement throughout the clinic. As promised, we addressed not only mechanics of voice and breathing, but attitudes, beliefs, life-style, nutrition, posture, strategies, and spiritual avenues. We had intense work as well as fun times together. The testimonials of the participants tell the story well.


Janet: Adductor SD (9 years)


It is a blessing to work with a Speech Pathologist who has been there and has struggled with the grip of SD. She is encouraging, a great coach on what particular strategies may be the most helpful, especially how to optimize what voice one can utilize in the present. She has developed an excellent protocol of disciplines to provide a holistic approach and assembled a great team to help one effectively progress to one's own voice. My voice improved 80% during the clinic.


John Paul: Adductor SD (5 years)


The Free to Speak Clinic is a breath of fresh air for those who are struggling with Spasmodic Dysphonia. A cornerstone of the clinic is that Connie, a veteran speech pathologist, is herself a SD survivor. Since the prevailing though in Western medicine is that SD is a neurological and therefore an incurable voice disorder, the irrefutable fact of Connie's full recovery -- of both her speaking and singing voice -- gives clinic participants inspiration and profound hope. But the clinic is in no way a one woman show. Connie has assembled a first class team with expertise in the areas of breathing with Michael White as well as neurolinquistic programming/neuromuscular therapy and psycho-social assessment. I found all (facilitators) to be caring, compassionate and committed. Another component of the clinic is the opportunity to interact with fellow participants in a safe and loving environment where one can learn, share, and experiment without fear of sounding or feeling foolish. Finally, the clinic has an element of Christian spirituality to it that I personally found meaningful. While nothing is shoved down anyone's throat, it is clear that Connie's faith in God was the basis of her recovery and she is comfortable sharing her journey in that context. If you are a SD sufferer who has tried everything else to no avail, then I highly recommend and strongly encourage you to consider the Free to Speak clinic. You will acquire all the skills necessary to overcome Spasmodic Dysphonia and leave with a plan of action to continue your recovery.


Dwight: Adductor SD (20 years)


A great opportunity to learn techniques and strategies to significantly improve or cure your SD in the long run with continued practice.


Leslie: Adductor SD (5 years)


I am supremely grateful that I was able to attend this (clinic). The atmosphere was very encouraging. We had wonderful workshops and excellent private sessions. The dynamics of the other participants provided a rich dimension. We were all supportive on one another. The stage was set for each of us to have our eureka moments, the times we discovered the voice that we thought was lost. We rejoiced in the midst of our problem. I am leaving wi6ht the tools I need for complete recovery. I go rejoicing.


Randy: Adductor SD (9 months)


Connie provided exactly what I wanted - specific instructions that I could continue to use when I returned home, encouragement from her own experience that this condition can be overcome, and an experience in which I felt that it mattered to Connie that I get better. She made every effort to see that each of us received more than what we paid for. Her vivacious and warm personality was contagious and set the atmosphere for the entire clinic (experience).


Lidia: Adductor SD (2 1/2 years)


It far exceeded my expectations. This weekend I had a breakthrough. I found a confidential voice (with Connie) and with Mike, found  that elusive singing voice that I hadn't had for a long time. This clinic is the best because it includes so many aspects, it's the mental and the neuromuscular piece that flowed into the breathing piece, which flowed into the speaking piece. It all came together in a very supportive environment.  Now I begin my quest and my mission with my speech pathologist in Canada. You guys are coming to Canada!

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