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March Spasmodic Dysphonia Treatment Clinic 2015


Irene: AD/SD with tremor, onset in November 2013, diagnosed in Caracas, Venezuela. Tried acupuncture and medication (Inderal), which were helpful. 


Irene rated her voice as 70% improved following the clinic. "To come to the clinic was the best decision I have ever made. It was like beginning a new life, acquiring many skills to live a healthy, happy and hopeful life. Connie and her team are so dedicated, professional and committed to helping people with their voice and speaking problems."


Genia: AB/SD with tremor, onset October/November 2013.  One botox injection left her without a voice for several months. She also tried acupuncture 3 times weekly for 3 weeks, specific to voice loss.


Reported significant improvement in breathing and voice, and rated improvement at 30% at the clinic (but with real hope for 80-90%).  She felt that she significantly improved her breathing, cutting off the bad loop of tension and gasping. 


“Anyone wanting the tools to recover their voice who suffers from SD should come to this clinic. The holistic approach is effective and takes into account all of the elements which contribute to a distressed voice. Connie and her team are professionals and experts in their areas, so those attending the clinic get feedback and coaching on the psychological, emotional, and physical factors which play into SD, unlike an ENT doctor steering you toward a medical solution.  Connie's clinic presents you with an arsenal of tools, or toys, tailored for each individual to employ to overcome thier unique challenges. One leaves the week feeling profoundly moved, empowered and hopeful.


The truly priceless element is Connie herself. As someone who has experienced and walked through SD, she fosters absolute trust and hope. Her attitude is positive, loving and can-do. She keeps everyone to high expectations and provides you with the support to get there. Her openess and honesty makes this a personal experience - she puts her whole self into her work and the result is more long lasting and healing than botox.  All six of us came in anxious, hopeless and discouraged. At the end, we knew we could and would speak with ease and confidence again.


I only wish that ALL people with SD would take the opportunity for the REAL GOLD STANDARD!  Thank you, Connie."


Glenn: AD/SD, onset March 2013, initially diagnosed with nodules, then Muscle Tension Dysphonia, acid reflux. In December 2014,  a different doctor diagnosed Severe Dysphonia, at least partially due to Spasmodic Dysphonia. Glenn tried voice therapy with several different therapists and anti-depressant medication. He had one period of remission for about 3 months in the winter of 2014. 


He rated his voice as 25% improved in response to treatment at the clinic, with a lot of variability during the week. He was motivated to continue to work the program with diligence and scheduled his free follow-up time for April!


"Having SD is a very, very lonley road to travel. Because of its rarity, a person diagnosed with this condition will probably not be able to find good professional advice or peer support in current circles. 


Coming to Connie's clinic allows you to work with not just an expert speech pathologist, but someone that has SD and has overcome this crippling social and mental affliction. Connie has assembled a team to provide the expertise in each of the areas required. This is absolutely a required stop on the road to recovering your voice."



Rhonda: AD/SD April 2004; diagnosed initially with acid reflux, allergies, and eventually with SD.  She tried voice therapy and later botox injections, which, after a breathy voice loss period, resulted in good voice production. She continued with botox injections, with inconsistent results.  She was looking for an alternative.


“I had accepted my 'fate' after nearly 11 years of voice therapy and Botox, I even consulted with a surgeon after Botox failed twice in a row and then subsequently took my voice completely for 2 months when I could not even whisper. I became interested in Connie's clinic but my doctor told me it would be no different than working with her speech therapist. I struggled to come, due to missing work as a self-employed person and the cost of travel.


I am SO glad I made the decision to come. I now have some hope that there are possibilities to have a functional voice without the variable results, pain, and expense of Botox and potential side effects. Working with someone who has experienced the disorder and the support of the group makes a huge difference. Learning how my stressful lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, relaxation and self-care has affected my voice was priceless."



Linda: AD/SD onset 2001, first diagnosed with allergies and asthma. She had voice therapy and singing lessons. A voice therapist suggested botox injections, which she initiated in 2003. After a whispery phase, the treatments worked and she continued to have injections every 2 months. She continued botox treatment for 12 years, but when she moved to Durango, Colorado, continuing this treatment was very difficult due to the distance to a provider. 


 Linda rated her voice improvement at 70% and that she not only learned to control her voice breaks better and bring her voice up out of her throat, but that she learned to use her breath correctly while speaking.


“I wish I had attended the clinic sooner!  There is value in everything I learned. Now I have hope of a more normal life instead of one of hopelessness. I will be forever grateful to Connie and Dennis. This clinic is a game changer for me. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to attend and very much enjoyed getting acquainted with others who are experiencing the same disorder. Many thanks to all of you." 


Beverley: AD/SD onset 2007 of gradual loss of voice, original diagnosis of muscle tension dysphonia, speech therapy not helpful. Two years after onset, she initiated botox injections with Mr. John Rubin in London. Injections at 4-5 month intervals gave her good results for 2-3 months each time. She moved to Singapore for a time and then outside of London so that it was difficult to book appointments for her botox, and several of her injections last year were ineffective so she began seeking an alternative.


“Having previously seen successful treatments on Youtube, and reading Connie's first book, I attended the clinic. I had already concluded before arriving in Florida (from the UK) that Connie is someone with great integrity and does not make exaggerated claims about what the therapy can achieve. The proof of her ability to  help can be seen and heard. 


In fact, my experience at the clinic exceeded all my expectations.  Connie works with a small team of other professionals who are all just as committed to helping each individual make progress.  Connie herself is someone with a wealth of professional and personal experience, which she uses for other peoples' benefit with compassion, honesty, humor and generosity.


Anyone in a similar situation to me, prior to making a commitment to invest in attending this clinic, I would encourage you to take that step, knowing that one also needs to commit to acting on the detailed and personalized treatment plan that will evolve over the 5 days of attendance. 


I wish all sufferers of this condition well. Massive improvement with Connie's approach is a possibility.

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