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May 2009 Spasmodic Dysphonia Treatment Clinic


Brenda: AD/SD 15 years:  regular botox injections 10 years, voice therapy.


My voice improved 30% at the clinic, with improved voice quality and the ability to self-correct. The breathing training helped my chest to be more open. Connie provided an opportunity to investigate and learn about my whole being. Mike’s work on breathing contributed a vital part in helping me understand the elements which were detrimental to voice production. These techniques work!  Talking with Robbie about my psychological profile was extremely beneficial. The massage with Christine after gaining all of the other insights helped me to understand my areas of muscular tension. All of these services combined explain why Connie’s approach to SD is structured for success. She is extremely knowledgeable, empathetic, sincere and open. She shares her ideas freely and ensures questions are answered. It is a journey and this clinic is the perfect beginning.


PM– AD/SD 10 years: Cooper’s DVR two weeks in 2006 and 2008


My voice improved 50-80% at the clinic. I experienced amazing improvement in my voice for a great deal of the time, with some periodic relapses, never as bad as before I came. I improved significant breathing from my stomach instead of my chest and more relaxed breathing while talking. I have used other resources to try to improve my voice quality, but at best, they resulted in temporary improvement. I believe this is because they did not take a comprehensive approach to the issue. Connie’s clinic is very different in that it deals with the voice issues directly in addition to breathing issues and psychological and emotional issues. The clinic provides help in a very nurturing, compassionate environment. Connie and Mike are incredibly helpful, and the bonding experience with the other participants is a very important and helpful part of the process as well. I highly recommend Connie’s clinic to those who are serious about improving their voices.


Sharon –AD/SD slow onset since 1994: short term voice therapy, botox injections every 2-6 months from 1997 until May 2008, yoga, chiropractic, voice lessons two years, and nutritional support and supplementation.


My voice improved 40% at the clinic. My breathing improved in that I experienced less tension in my solar plexus area, building a foundation and less throat tension, and experienced periods of easy speaking. I highly recommend this clinic. Each case of SD is different and Connie and Mike evaluate each person individually and design strategies to overcome the obstacles. Robbie’s evaluation showed me weak areas in my temperament that I can change to help my recovery and my life in general. The group experience is invaluable. Being with others who understand and are experiencing SD is very healing. I have a lot of tools now and can contact Connie and Mike to help me through any “stuck” areas. I now know with certainty that SD can be overcome to the point that it no longer interferes with my life. God Bless!


Arlene – AB/SD 6 years: 1 attempted botox injection, brief consultation with Morton Cooper, yoga.


I learned how important breathing and posture are in order to improve my voice. I learned among many things not to breathe out most of my air before speaking. The clinic was wonderful and my voice improved 50% overall. Connie and Mike provided the tools necessary to overcome SD. It was done in a caring and positive manner, integrating many aspects. They have given me my voice back and for that I am grateful.


Susana – AD/SD 3 years:  voice therapy, two botox injections, sacrocranial stimulation, parasympathetic injections, bioenergetics.


My voice improved 95% at the clinic, the spasms disappeared and I spoke fluently. I experienced more air, relaxation and more ease in speaking. The clinic gave me the specific and powerful tools to improve my voice and get into the right groove. Already, this has changed my life deeply. I’m back in my life. The knowledge, care and love of Connie, Mike, Robbie and Christine made a huge difference and has allowed me to keep going. Thank you so much, very deeply.


JD – AD/SD & MTD 2 years:  voice therapy, neurontin trial, one botox injection.


I learned better resonance and more focus on using adequate air intake. Connie’s clinic offered and delivered a very comprehensive holistic approach to SD. Many options were explored, allowing participants to find what works best for them, and then customize their own program.

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