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November 2009 Spasmodic Dysphonia Treatment Clinic


Jaya - Hyper-functional voice, laryngeal dysfunction, possible AD/SD 3.5 years:  Speech therapy, homeopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture, massage, private consultation with Connie in June 2008, February and September 2009. Recently began work with an Alexander technique teacher and decided to attend the intensive clinic.


In April 2006, my voice started to deteriorate. I saw numerous doctors and specialists who attributed it to stress. I tried many treatments over the years and still no voice. I saw Connie in London in June 2008 and she gave me a lot of hope and encouragement and the necessary resources to start my journey of voice recovery. The past 18 months my voice has become so much stronger but my breathing was still amiss. Coming to the clinic has been very beneficial. I am so very grateful to Connie and Mike for sharing their knowledge and all the great tools they have given me to recover my voice. It has been supportive to share and help fellow participants in a loving environment. I know that I still have work to do, with discipline yet being easy on myself. I can speak freely and easily with confidence and joy. It has been a valuable five days of reclaiming myself. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone who suffers a serious voice condition.

Gopali–AB/SD 33 years, diagnosed at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Syndey, Australia at age 23 but with problems beginning at age 12 attributed to “nerves”: Speech therapy, Botox injections for 13 years, with average improvement for 5 weeks of the 12 in between injections, acupuncture, Reike, herbs, fasting, meditation, yoga, voice rest ( Had discontinued botox 18 months prior to attending the clinic).


I found the clinic to be an absolutely amazing and healing experience. Everyone who participated had their own unique insights to share and gave so much support to each other. Connie is a deeply caring and personal lady who gave us all so much of herself, constantly going the extra mile and inspiring us at every step. Mike has a wealth of knowledge and tricks to share, always searching for the techniques to help each individual voice. I did not attend expecting my voice to be miraculously cured, but to receive ideas and strategies to use for my on-going rehabilitation. I have complete hope this can happen and am really looking forward to exploring all the different tools I’ve been given and where they take me. Being with others who understand and share the condition was a great way to get over a lot of my fears around using my voice. I leave with GRATITUDE.


Nicole – Hyperfunctional voice, MTD; possible psychosomatic issues 2 years: Voice therapy, medication.


This clinic was life-changing! No matter the severity, mild or severe, the instructors give you the tools needed to not only find your voice but confidence. For me, confidence is the key! The group setting and one to one instruction with the “holistic” approach was the key and was different from anything I have heard of or researched. I truly thank Connie for creating and giving such a beautiful gift to others.


Charlotte – MTD or AB/SD 1 year: speech therapy, one botox injection which resulting in 3 weeks of aphonia and no voice improvement.


My voice improved 90% at the clinic. I found my “sweet spot”, learned to relax my solar plexus, relax and breathe, and stop pushing my voice out. I feel very prepared for total recovery. Mike and Connie’s knowledge and personal experience and dedication to helping us recover are invaluable. Connie is a beautiful, caring spirit. She has walked the path of SD and knows how to lead each individual to all of the tools necessary for recovery. Mike KNOWS breathing and offers an unlimited amount of tools to help you learn what to do to improve your breathing and health. I will never forget this experience. Thank you both so much.


Lorraine – Spasmodic torticollis 2 years, voice tremor 1 year, AD/SD 6 months: Botox injections for ST two years, voice therapy, yoga.


My voice improved 95% at the clinic with improvements in pitch, resonance, volume and significantly less tremor. I learned deeper, abdominal breathing and use of breathing techniques to relax. This voice clinic provides participants with the tools to overcome SD and the support system which makes it possible. Where typical Western medicine touts that SD is incurable and botox the only treatment option, this Voice Clinic is a holistic approach that successfully enables participants’ journey to speaking normally.


Dale – AD/SD with first symptoms in singing voice 1980’s, affecting his speaking voice in the early 1990’s, formally diagnosed with SD 14 years ago: botox injections for several years post diagnosis, 4 weeks DVR with Dr. Cooper in 1997, resumed botox injections for the next 10 years due to the demands of his teaching job. Upon retirement from teaching, he read Connie’s book and experienced improvement using the suggested exercises and decided to enroll in the clinic.


My voice improved 80% at the clinic. I was able to find my middle voice, my real voice, and begin to use it beyond “practice” and into conversation. Mike helped open up my breathing so it was deeper, more natural and less forced. Having struggled with SD for over 18 years, I had tried a variety of approaches to finding a resolution to my voice problems. These included botox injections and DVR with Cooper. However, it was Connie’s “Free to Speak” Clinic that put all of the pieces of this complex puzzle together. The clinic helped coordinate the mechanical, breathing and psychosocial components to find my real voice. Connie and Mike do not provide a cookie-cutter approach, but deal with each person as an individual. The support and encouragement of others who are struggling with SD is a valuable part of recovery.


If you are dealing with SD and are looking for a way to recover or improve without botox, I highly recommend this clinic!

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