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It is simple to schedule services.

Consider your options for treatment. This will be variable dependent upon if you are able to travel to Atlanta or if you are limited to teleconference. Once you have decided what you want, please contact Connie at or through the website link and begin the discussion. Please do not contact me regarding services through my Facebook page or business page as it is not confidential. Also, I prefer to copy and save communications and email is a good way to do that. We will then determine what will work for you I am in the UK typically twice a year and see patients there. Otherwise, I can perhaps occasionally see patients in the states where I am licensed if I am traveling there. Currently my husband and I are sharing my business phone with the home line and it is frequently in use by him. Otherwise, if the line is open, I am often with patients and do not have a business office or receptionist. Please understand that this keeps my costs lower and respect that by using email. Payment can be easily made through my website (Paypal) direct with invoice through Quickbooks online, or by check.

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